Apex Power Tower Review – Home Gym Equipment

Apex Power Tower

The Apex Multi-Function Power Tower TC-1800 is one of many pieces of home equipment that offer some fairly great functions for using one’s own body weight to do particular exercises.

While there are many power towers on the market currently, its important to ask yourself which one is going to be money well spent.

Features and Functions

  • Steel Construction –
    • This product is built with a sturdy steel constructed frame with a powder coated black finish.
  • Ergonomically Designed Pads –
    • The pad is meant to rest your arms while doing knee raises to work the lower abdominal muscles. Apex has used an ergonomic design with a slant to get a wide range of motion while maintaining comfort.
  • Pull Up and Chin Up Station –
    • Built with durable handles while doing Pull Up’s or Chin Up’s which will focus on your back and biceps.
  • Triangle (Corner) Design –
    • Allows User to place in a corner area of a room to be space friendly.
  • Knee Raise Station –
    • A slightly slanted bar design on the Knee raise will allow the user to get a full range of motion when working the abdominal region.
  • Dip Station –
    • This station will allow the user to work on lower chest and triceps.
  • Fold-Up Arms –
    • The Dip and Knee Raise Station does have arms that will fold up after use or for doing pull-ups or chin-ups.

Weight Capacity and Dimensions

The Apex Power Tower TC-1800 has a listed weight capacity of 300 lbs. and is more than sturdy enough for most users and with an all steel constructed frame you won’t have to worry too much about the structural capacity of this equipment.

The dimensions listed are 37.5″ width, 43.5″ depth, and 82.5″ Height. The triangle design allows the product to be fit into the corner of a room which is great on saving space in a room and not getting the feeling of overcrowding the floor space.

Having a product that is space friendly while being sturdy and well constructed is an absolute plus.

The Downside

While it does have most functions other power towers offer, it does not have a push-up station like most. It’s not the most necessary feature to offer, considering push-ups can be done most anywhere, but that’s not the only thing the product lacks.

The pull-up and chin-up bar is absolutely useful but only offers one range of motion for each exercise. Other power towers offer wider bars in order to give variety to the exercise but this pull-up/ chin-up bar does not.

The other downside is that none of the handles have a padded grip to them. This product has just straight metal handles which will eventually give you a pretty sweet little callous.

Apex Power Tower Price

The regular listed price is right at $139.99 for almost any retailer that sells this particular product. In comparison to other power towers the price range is anywhere from $99.99 to upwards of $349.99. Of course that does depend greatly on which product you plan on getting and the features associated with it.

Overall the Apex Power Tower TC-1800 is accurately priced for the features and benefits of this product.

Conclusion and Rating

3.25 / 5

This product is sturdy and well constructed, it saves space in a room, and gives you a variety of workout exercises you can do at home. Its price is fairly moderate and you won’t break the bank investing in this for your home gym.

However, the lack of handle grips and low range of motion for the chin-ups/ pull-ups isn’t desirable for some. Overall I would recommend the product if you were looking to invest a little into your home gym without over drafting your account.

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Marcy MWM 988 Review – Home Gym Equipment


The Marcy Home Gym MWM-988 150 stack is a home gym that has many features listed. Just from the look of the product you can see just how many functions this product has. Still, we want to take a deeper look at just how much this product has to offer and is it really worth the price.

Features and Functions

Marcy MWM 988

    • Dimensions –
      • The dimensions listed above are 36″ wide, the height is 79″, and length or depth is 68″. This piece of equipment may take up a little space in your home but if you have adequate space in a dedicated room it would take up about as much floor space as a smaller loveseat.
    • Steel Constructed –
      • Its an incredible durable piece of machinery, it has a listed weight limit of 300 lbs. Whereas it is not the same grade of equipment you would find in the gym, for the average user this is very sturdy and will support most users.
    • Attachments –
      • Removable Preacher Curl Pad
      • Lat Bar
      • Ankle Strap
    • Workout Stations –
      • Chest press
      • Pec Fly press
      • High Pulley
      • Low Pulley
      • Curl Pad
      • Leg Developer

    The Workouts

    The Marcy MWM 988 gives the user a very wide variety of workouts’ that can be done on the machine. These workouts’ can involve almost every muscle in the body. You’ll have the ability to do 36+ workouts’ with this machine and some major ones are listed below.

    • Seated Bicep CurlsMarcy MWM 988
    • Preacher Curls
    • Standing Bicep Curls
    • Concentration Curls
    • Lat Pull Downs
    • Pec Flys
    • Tricep Extensions
    • Cable Crossovers
    • Leg Abductions and Adduction
    • Leg Extensions
    • Standing Leg Curls
    • And Many More

    The options with the Marcy MWM 988 are incredibly wide in variety and can certainly help those looking to get into shape at home.

    Weight Stack and Resistance

    The Marcy MWM 988 comes with 14 plates that weighs 10 lbs (4.5kg) each with a top stopper plate of 10 lbs (4.5kg). The maximum weight stack is 150 lbs (68kg) and the maximum output is 200 lbs of resistance on the press workouts’. Each workouts’ resistance output will vary depending on the pulley system but is maxed out at 200 lbs.

    This may not be enough weight for veteran body builders who are looking to max out at home but for those who are trying to either get started or to stay in shape this piece of equipment gives an adequate amount of resistance.

    Conclusion and Rating

    4/5 Rating

    With no adjustable seating and a max weight resistance of 200 lbs on only certain workouts’, this product may not be tailored for every user. However, for most this piece of equipment is incredibly sturdy and offers a wide variety of great workouts’ that will help those looking to get in better shape and achieve that perfect body.


      Bicep Workouts At Home – Great Routine!


      So you’re looking to finally get those tickets to the gun show right at home? Well lucky for you it’s not as hard as you think. All it takes get a great workout on your biceps at home is mostly dedication. Once you dedicate yourself to these workouts, they will be guaranteed to show you the results you’ve been looking for.

      Starting With A Warm Up

      Warming up your muscles is always a very important first step in a workout that most people tend to overlook. Once you get the blood pumping it will go a long way in preventing injury to the targeted muscle.

      Always keep it simple for the warm up. You still want to save a good portion of your energy for the isolated muscle workout.

      • Pre-Workout supplements –
        • Once you don’t have a pre-workout supplement I usually recommend finding one that works for you. It’s not vital to getting a great workout but the right supplement will take you to the next level, especially when it comes to fast recovery.
      • Light Jogging –
        • Keep it under five minutes but do at least three minutes.
      • Light stretching –

      once you’ve gotten some blood flowing you might want to do a quick couple of stretches. It’s not overly important to stretch the targeted muscle before the workout but I highly recommend stretching the target area afterwards.

      Bicep Dumbbell Workouts

      Dumbbells are going to be very helpful to you in obtaining those perfectly sculpted biceps. Every motion the body makes is either one of two motions, push or pull. Your Biceps operate by pulling objects to the body or pulling the body closer to an object.

      Since that is how this muscle operates, you will need resistance in the form of something you can pull your body towards. Dumbbells are perfect for these types of routines, and there are a wide variety of motions that will target the bicep.

      • 15 Dumbbell Curls (each arm) –Dumbbell-Curls
        • Start out in a seated position.
        • Arms extended to the sides of the body, palms facing inwards gripping the dumbbell.
        • pull up the dumbbell to where the end motion is your palm facing your head.
        • Control the motion as you return to start position.
      • 15 Concentration Curls (each arm) –
        • Start in a seated position
        • Spread legs and lean forward with one arm gripping the dumbbellConcentration-Curls
        • Place your elbow, with weight in hand, on the inside of your thigh.
        • Look straight down as your palms face the opposite thigh
        • Concentrate the Bicep as you contract the muscle pulling it toward your face.
        • Control the motion as you return to the start position.
      • 15 Hammer Curls (each arm) –
        • Stand with dumbbells in hands, palms facing in ward.
        • Pull the dumbbell up towards the shoulder.
        • Keep the palms facing the inside of the body throughout the entire motion.
        • Control the motion as you return to the start position.

      Once you want to focus only on doing dumbbell sets only, you can’t go wrong with these three workouts. Once you are only going Hammer-Curlsto do these workouts only I recommend doing 4 sets of each workout at a weight that you are comfortable with.

      Once you aren’t able to stay at a steady pace with one weight. Once you are able to drop the weight, do so after each set of 15 reps. Take a 90-second rest between sets.

      Make sure you focus on your breathing as well. Inhale before the contraction and exhale slowly as you contract.

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      Getting Creative

      Lets say you don’t own a set of dumbbells, well that’s OK. There are several ways we can achieve the same motions by things you have readily available.

      • Substituting a milk jug for Hammer Curls –
        • Using the same motions as listed for the hammer curls, take a milk jug and mimic the same motions with the same amount of reps.
      • Substituting a purse or bag for Concentration Curls –
        • Depending on how low the bag hangs, you may want to elevate yourself to achieve the same results. With a bag you can increase the weight with various items you have at your disposal.
      • Investing in resistance bands to substitute Dumbbell Curls –
        • Bands can be found at many places such as sporting goods stores, Walmart, target, and right here online. They’re fairly cost effective if you aren’t financially able to invest in a good set of dumbbells.
        • Stand on your bands and repeat the motions listed for the Dumbbell Curls. Increasing your resistance is as simple as stretching out the band and standing on it to where the resistance is greater.

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      Cool Down and Stretching

      After you’ve got a good burn going, take some time to get the heart rate back down. Really focus on your breathing while you do these activities.

      • Light walk or Jog –
        • You want to take about three to five minutes just doing a light jog or even a light walk. Focus on the breathing.
      • Stretching –
        • Take your time and get a really good stretch on your body. Don’t just focus on the targeted muscle group. Focus on stretching each muscle in the body from top to bottom. You don’t have to make it an hour long yoga session but keeping the muscles stretched out, especially the ones you didn’t work out will give the muscle some elasticity and prevent damage.
      • Protein Supplement –
        • 15 – 45 minutes after the workout is prime time for replenishing the body of building blocks it’s going to need for repair. Find a good protein supplement and drink up.

      Slow and Steady Wins the Race

      Getting in shape isn’t an overnight achievement and it’s going to take dedication and concentration. Anything worthwhile isn’t going to be easy and the same goes for getting in shape. Be mindful of your diet and keep on a routine. You’ll see the results quicker than you think

      Push past the pain and the frustration and don’t quit. Once you can just dedicate a little time each day, even at home, I promise you’ll love the way you look before you know it!


      Up Your Mass Review – Is A Weight Gainer Useful?

      MHP (Maximum Human Performance) has had this product out on the shelves of your major vitamin supplement shops for quite some time now. I remember seeing this product myself for the first time when I was just getting into the fitness game. I had the same question you did. Does It work?

      The claim made right on the front of the container says gain 18lbs of mass in 5 weeks! Now that’s a pretty big check to cash. Gaining 18lbs of desired mass is no easy task.

      Nevertheless, I wanted to try this product out for myself to see if MHP could deliver its promise.

      The Ingredients

      Properly evaluating what’s listed inside the product and what those ingredients will do is going to be a clear indicator on whether you should keep your money in your pocket so Let’s go down the list and see what all this product has to offer. And for the sake of keeping this to the point I will be listing the full quantities as if you were going to be using 24 fl. oz. of milk as the desired result is to bulk on mass and you will want to maximize your caloric intake.

      • Total fat 39 g / Saturated fat 21 g –
        • Saturated fats are the kinds of fats that will raise your LDL raising bad cholesterol. On a 2000 calorie diet the American Heart Association recommends limiting calories gained from saturated fats at no more than 13 g. When you are lifting and doing strenuous workouts it may not be the best way to obtain calories from foods heavy in saturated fats as they produce what is commonly referred to as bad cholesterol which restricts blood flow, and if you are trying to rebuild muscle quicker may not be the best thing. I would recommend adjusting your diet when taking this.
      • Cholesterol 227 mg –
        • Cholesterol when put in the body through dietary intake will have a very little effect on the actual blood cholesterol level. The recommended daily value is usually no more than 300 mg of dietary cholesterol.
      • Total Carbohydrates 285 g / Dietary Fiber <1 g / Total Sugars 50 g –
        • Carbohydrates are nothing more than stored energy. Once your body has broken it down into glucose it will enter the blood stream and be distributed to all the cells in the body. When you are finished training you will need a higher amount of glucose readily available to heal your damaged muscle cells to rebuild them stronger.
          • However, if there is too much glucose in the blood stream it is dangerous to your body and the pancreas will flood the blood stream with insulin. Insulin’s primary function is turn glucose back into a storable form of energy and place it on the body for later consumption. You may be familiar with the end result as “fat” or adipose tissue.
      • Protein 75 grams –
        • protein is the building block to all the tissue in your body. The ones that are advertised to be included here are Whey, Hydrolyzed whey, Micellar Casein, and Milk Proteins. Whey is a fast absorbed protein that will be quickly digested and be readily available to aid in quick recovery. Casein and milk proteins are slower acting. They take a while for the body to break down and process and will aid the body for later use.
      • Vitamin D .6 mcg –
        • Where up your mass actually contains no vitamin D you would likely be getting this from the milk that you mix it with. You’re probably not deficient in this area and the amount you’d receive in this serving would only be 3% of the daily recommended value. Nevertheless, Vitamin D plays a very Key role in regulating Calcium and maintaining the levels of phosphorous in your blood.
      • Calcium 1086 mg –
        • Everyone focus’s on the key role calcium plays in maintain strong and healthy bone density but there are several roles that calcium is used for in the body. Calcium is what actually gives muscle is motion. When you are finished exhausting yourself in a workout your body will need calcium to keep the muscle functioning. Calcium also is vital for neurological function.
      • Iron 1.4 mg –
        • Iron is what synthesizes Heme, which forms hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells and its main function is to transport oxygen throughout the body.
      • Phosphorus 830 mg –
        • Phosphorus plays a key role in how the body will use carbohydrates. It is essential for protein synthesis and repairing damaged cells and tissue.
      • Sodium 650 mg –
        • Sodium is an electrolyte responsible for the maintenance of water in the cells. It has a role to play in proper muscle function as well as nerve function.
      • Potassium 1616 mg –
        • Potassium plays a key role in a muscle contraction, it is responsible as well for fluid regulation in the body. It is one of the most important chemicals found in the body for sending nerve signals.
      • Digestive Blend 100 mg –
        • Bromelain and papain are the one’s listed. Papains is enzyme derived from papaya and plays a role in breaking down proteins for use in the body, and bromelain has anti inflammatory properties that may be useful after thrashing your body in a workout.
      • Total Branch Chain Amino Acids 11 g / Essential Amino Acids 23 g –
        • Where there are several listed I will keep it short and stick to the facts of what role BCAA’s do. They are used for muscle growth (especially in this context) If you plan to get the most out of your recovery having a good blend of BCAA’s will cut your recovery time down. These along with EAA’s will be building blocks for proteins to form. It will play a role in hormone function and neurotransmitters within the body.

      Flavors And Serving Sizes

      This is label listing of the various different serving sizes. In the above section I listed the maximum intake you could get out of the product if taken with 24 fl. oz. of milk but they have various different recommendations based on your desired calorie intake.

      However you choose to take this product will greatly depend on your personal fitness goals.

      The size container you can buy is either a 6lb and a 12lb and the flavors listed are milk chocolate, french vanilla creme, cookies & creme. I usually don’t focus too much on flavor but I will say that my favorite out of all would definitely be the cookies and creme. Honestly I would drink this shake over a sonic blast any day of the week.

      Conclusion and Ranking

      Ranking – 3.75 / 5

      The product is good for putting on mass but depending your goals it may not be the kind of mass you’re trying to put on. The levels of sugar in the product will be sure to gain you mass but the claim of putting on 18 lbs. of mass is nearly physically impossible to have that all be muscle in just 5 weeks.

      Muscle takes time to repair and is a fairly dense tissue compared to fat. However, the product contains a lot of excellent ingredients for speedy muscle recovery. Its packed full of BCAA’s and EAA’s as well as a good blend of fast and slow acting proteins.

      If you have had a problem with putting on mass in the past, then this product will get the job done and you’ll be sure to enjoy the taste. Nothing makes a workout less enjoyable than having to force down a nasty protein drink.

      If you’re ready to pack on some mass and get great recovery on your muscles than grab a shaker bottle and drink up!

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      Pre-Workout Reviews- C4 Original Blend


      C4 has been in the market now since 2011 and has been one of the more popular products that the company cellucor offers. It’s sold over 2 Billion servings and has been proven to be very popular in the fitness community but does the dietary supplement have the perfect blend of ingredients to take your workouts to the next level?

      Looking at the ingredients and exploring how they effect our bodies will give us a clear answer to that question. So lets dive in and review shall we.

      C4 Original Blend Ingredients

      • 1 g of Carbohydrates 0 g of sugar
        • Doesn’t apply much in helping your workout.
      • 250 mg of Vitamin C
        • Vitamin C is claimed to have many health benefits from helping prevent diseases, decrease the effects of aging, and to help heal the body. It is essential for rebuilding damaged tissue such as muscle, which is what we want to focus on. It will help produce more red blood cells and reduce muscle soreness.
      • 30 mg of Niacin
        • Most people aren’t deficient when it comes to Niacin, also known as vitamin B3. However it does have several benefits used as a supplement. Niacin helps reduce clotting effects to increase blood flow in those with with higher colesterol, and it aids in the production of adrenal hormones and helps remove toxins from the liver. It also plays a key role converting food into energy.
      • 500 mcg of Vitamin B6
        • Again, its highly unlikely you’ll be deficient in this category or any of the B-Vitamins but the possible benefits from adding a smaller amount by supplementation would be increased blood flow which will aid your recovery. While there are several other functions for vitamin B6, I will only list what may apply to your fitness goals.
      • 250 mcg of Folic Acid
        • Helps the Body produce and maintain news cells and is essential for red blood cell production.
      • 35 mcg of Vitamin B12
        • This will aid you in red blood cell production and may give you an energy boost. It has many different effects and does prevent anemia. Of course the likelihood of you being deficient in this vitamin would be low.
      • 1.6 g of CarnoSyn Beta Alanine
        • Beta Alanine is used for its ability to increase performance in athletics. It has properties that will aid in repairing the muscle and decrease the amount of fatigue felt during workouts. The effects of beta alanine will be felt by a tingling sensation on the skin.
      • 1 g Creatine Nitrate
        • Creatine supplementation has been used for awhile now for its ability to aid the muscle in creating more ATP by replenishing your phosocreatine stores. Phosocreatine stores are what help the function of creating more ATP within the muscle itself which will be used for converting to energy.
      • 1 g of Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
        • The claim made about this ingredient is that is improves blood flow by increasing Nitric Oxide production. This will result in vasodialation. The idea is that with increased levels of blood pumping to your muscles during strength training, it will decrease the effects of fatigue and the build up of lactic acid. However there is not a lot of supporting scientific evidence for this claim but is still widely used within various pre-workout supplements.
      • The “explosive energy blend” 425 mg
        • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosin (amount not listed)
          • The claim made is that this amino acid helps your levels of concentration. It’s used for its abilities to aid attention and concentration.
        • 150 mg Caffeine Anhydrous
          • Caffeine is used as a stimulant. It does increase the heart rate and will give you a temporary boost in energy. The amount here is comparitively low considering this amount is roughly equivalent to 1 1/2 cups of coffee.
        • Velvet Bean (Mucuna pruriens) seed extract (amount not listed)
          • Used for its nuerotropic properties. But it also increases testosterone levels.
        • Theacrine (amount not listed)
          • Has very similar effects of caffeine. Its goal here is to give you a short energy boost and increase your heart rate.

      Flavors and Sizes

      Cellucor-C4-Pre-Workout-ReviewThe Flavors above are what cellucor offers for the original blend. The sizes come in 30 servings which run roughly $29.99 to 60 servings which typically go for $49.99. The recommended dosage before your workout is 1 scoop serving so if you are working out at least 5 to 6 times per week then the 30 serving size should last you a little over a month.

      As for taste I believe that is a personal preference. I have tried every flavor and I’ve enjoyed all except for the fruit punch. Although I’ve known others to absolutely love the fruit punch flavor.

      I’m not going to try to sway you one way or the other but if you are looking for a recommendation then my stamp of approval is on the pink lemonade.

      Conclusion and Ranking

      Ranked – 4.5/5

      Having personally taken this product I do feel confident in telling you it is one of the top sellers for a reason. You will notice a more effective workout after taking this product, and increased focus on all aspects of your exercises. Whereas I do believe it may be under-dosed on a few ingredients, the ones that you’ll need the most are appropriately measured out in the serving size.

      Taking this product along with a good diet and workout routine will help you see those results you’ve working so hard to achieve!

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      How To Get A Six Pack Fast – Workouts That Will Have You Shredded!

      Getting a six pack fast isn’t all that hard with a proper diet and an excellent workout routine. I’ve seen so many people fail to understand that your abdominal muscles are among one of the fastest healing muscle groups in the body and therefore can be worked harder and more often!

      Getting shredded abs also doesn’t require going to the gym every day either. There are so many variations of different workouts that require absolutely no equipment and no gym membership.

      No Gym Necessary!

      All of these workouts I’m going to list can be done right in the comfort of your own living room. The Key to getting them fast is solely your responsibility. Committing to a workout routine and doing it daily, with a rest day here and there, will be the key to your success.

      Not only will having a daily routine be important but your diet will be crucial in order for you to get a six pack fast. I know it’s the one thing people hate to hear that they won’t be able to just workout and get that perfect body. Now don’t get me wrong one is no more important than the other, but you can’t keep burning fat to just pile more back on with poor eating habits.

      Also, if you’d really like to speed up the process there are a plethora of amazing workout supplements that can help aid you in shedding that unwanted belly fat and transform into a chiseled six pack.

      Stretching and Warming Up

      Like always, I recommend doing a quick warm up exercise that takes no more than about 3 – 5 minutes to get the blood pumping. A light walk or jog is always a good way to warm up and once you have stretching will be something you want to move to next.

      When doing stretches for your abs at home I recommend having a yoga mat. Especially if you have hard wood floors because some of these stretches can take a toll on the Knees.

      • The Cobra Pose Abdominal Stretch –
        • Lay down on the mat face down to start the position.
        • Keep your hips on the ground as you press upwards, lifting your upper body.
        • Look Straight
        • Hold that position for 3 seconds
        • Repeat stretch 4 times
      • Seated Side Saddle Stretch –
        • Sit upright on a mat
        • Legs straddled outwards
        • Slowly take your arm over your body and reach toward the opposite leg
        • Hold for 30 seconds
        • Repeat each side 4 times

      Ab Workouts

      When doing your workout routine makes sure you focus on your breathing. Inhale before your rep and exhale slowly during your rep. Be sure to take a 15 – 30 second breather after each set of reps.

      • 15 Crunches –
        • Start with your back on the ground legs raised with thighs vertical and legs crossed.
        • Place hands behind your head with elbows bent.
        • Raise head and shoulders towards your legs.
      • 15 Sit Ups –
        • Start lying down with feet on the floor and knees bent.
        • Place hands behind the head and raise your head and shoulders while rounding the back towards your legs.
        • Return to starting position without touching the ground.
      • 15 Hanging Leg Raises – This workout must be done by hanging from a sturdy support. If you do not have a pull up bar, this is something I would recommend getting at some point.
        • Start from a hanging position.
        • Lift your knees and bring them towards your chest.
        • In a controlled motion return to starting position.
      • 30 Leg Flutters (scissor kicks) –
        • Start by laying face up on the ground.
        • Raise your legs slightly off the ground.
        • With your arms flat by your side, begin to raise one leg and lower another in a controlled motion.
        • Make sure you’re only raising your legs no more than 45 degrees off the ground.

      External Oblique Exercises

      An important rule in getting a perfect looking abs quicker is to not overlook your external oblique muscles. Focusing on these muscles will help you show results very quickly.

      • 15 Oblique V Ups – each side!
        • Start laying face up with one arm behind your head the other resting to the side.
        • Raise legs slightly to the side of your body of the resting arm pointed 45 degrees from your body.
        • Raise your arm and legs and Aim to touch your foot as you focus on contracting the oblique muscles.
      • 15 Dumbbell Side Bends – each side!
        • Stand with legs slightly apart.
        • Have your arms placed at your sides with a dumbbell in one hand.
        • Place your other hand behind your head with elbow bent.
        • Bend the torso by contracting your oblique muscles to the opposite side of the body of where the dumbbell is held by aiming your bent elbow towards the ground.
      • 30 Seconds Side Planks
        • Put one arm on the ground with your body facing to the side.
        • Lift your body keeping your spine and neck completely straight while holding your body up with your forearm placed on the ground
        • Hold Position on each side for 30 seconds.
      • 30 Variation Oblique Sit Ups
        • Get Back into the position of doing a sit up.
        • This time you’ll be turning your torso with your arms behind your head aiming the opposite elbow to the other side of the opposite Knee
        • Return to the starting position without touching the ground.

      Cooling Down

      After thrashing your abdominal region, you are going to want to repeat the stretches you did in your warm up. Make sure you are practicing good form and slowly moving out of your stretches. Don’t rush, slow your motions down and take a minute to let your heart rate slow down.

      This is also a good time to focus on your breathing. That is why I recommend taking a light exercise such as walking or a light jog to help you in your cool down. This workout, if done consistently, will catapult you in getting those shredded abs!

      Chest Workouts Done At Home – Easy Workouts!

      There has always been the idea that lives within minds of those starting out that the first thing you need to do to obtain that perfectly sculpted chest is hit the bench press machines and max out the weight to where you can only push out maybe 6 Reps. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

      Getting that perfectly chiseled look can just as much come from well isolated workouts done at home that can be executed virtually anywhere as long as you are practicing good technique and keeping consistent with a good chest workout routine.

      Warming Up

      Warming up is just as important as the workout itself. There are several things you can do that will maximize your workout and help you increase the gains you are looking to obtain.

      • Pre-workout Supplements –
        • Taking pre-workout supplements can make the all difference during the workout especially when pushing out those last few Reps. Doing this 20 to 30 minutes before a workout will give time to warm up right before the supplement takes effect. I highly recommend trying out a few different supplements and finding one that is right for you.
      • Taking a quick walk or light jog –
        • This will increase the heart rate and pump more blood to the muscles helping you to warm up right before stretching out the muscle group. You won’t want to jump right into stretching before being warmed up because it will increase you’re likelihood of injuring the muscle.
      • Stretching –
        • There are several stretches you can do during your warm up. The first and easiest and most effective of these stretches for your chest would be to find a doorway, place your arms on the outside of the door jambs and slowly lean forward and hold for 30 seconds. You can place your hands higher to stretch the lower chest or place your hands lower to stretch the upper chest region.
      • Make sure you aren’t working out on an empty stomach-
        • I’m not recommending eating a thanksgiving sized meal until you pop, but when strength training your goal is to tear the muscle in order for it to rebuild stronger. This takes a toll on you and your body will immediately try to pull its resources together to heal itself which will require some energy. If you haven’t provided your body with something then it will try to pull its resources from what you have available and that might cause you, especially when starting out, to feel fatigued or even light-headed and you won’t be getting the most out of your work out.

      Training For Strength By Isolating Regions Of The Chest

      Each work out I’m listing will help isolate certain region of the muscle in order for you to get the best from you home chest workouts. A lot of these workouts do involve having free weights and if you do not own a set I highly recommend looking into investing in your workouts by purchasing some.

      The chest is a larger muscle group and Isolating each region will be critical in achieving that perfectly sculpted chest that you’ve been working towards. In chest workouts the exercises done with free weights will be more effective in helping you achieve that goal long term.

      The chest is primarily broken up by the upper chest, the middle chest, and lower chest. Targeting those regions through each exercise will increase your strength overall, and give you a more symmetrical look. Focus on these three regions and make sure your form is correct in each workout.

      At Home Chest Workouts

      • Workouts Without Equipment –
        • 15 Regular push-ups – Its important to keep good form here, you want to keep your back and spine as straight as possible. If you cannot push out every rep to the fullest while keeping good form then keep the reps lower while keeping form until you’ve built up the strength.
        • 15 Decline Push ups – The goal here is to isolate the upper chest region. Elevate your legs on a bench, chair, couch, etc. and get up the push up position. Same rules apply, you want to keep your back, neck, and spine as straight as possible.
        • 15 Chest dips – Now we’re starting to isolate the lower chest. You will need two stools or chairs that are counter height to achieve this one. Place two chairs or stools (NOT SWIVEL STOOLS) on either side of you. Place your hands on both chairs/stools and cross your legs behind you as you press-up and dip down. Keep your feet off the ground.
        • 15 wide push-ups – Same rules apply, keep your back straight.
        • 30 seconds of chest flys 4 sets – This is for those with hard wood floors or any slicker floor. Get into a modified push up position (basic push up position with knees on the ground) with two pieces of cloth (microfiber works best) and place one in each hand. While keeping your arms straight slowly let them slide outwards as if you were doing negative reps on chest flys in a controlled manner for 30 seconds until you’ve reached the floor. Repeat 4 times.
      • Workouts With Equipment –
        • 15 Dumbbell press – Lay on a bench with your feet flat on the floor. Start with your elbows bent in a position that mimics holding a barbell. Keep wrists parallel to one another as you come up and bring the dumbbells close together but not touching.
        • 15 Incline Dumbbell press – Same form just inclined this time, when pressing upwards you want the dumbbells to be directly over the top of your chest.
        • 15 Decline Dumbbell press – Exact same concept as the previous two work outs only this time when pressed up your dumbbells should be directly over the lower chest in a declined position.
        • 15 Dumbbell Flys – Lay flat on the bench and extend your arms bent slightly to reduce stress, keeping your arms extended bring the dumbbells over the body with palms facing towards each other.

      NOTE: Be sure to exhale at the end of every rep!

      Cool Down & After Workout Routines

      Now after your chest workouts are done its time to bring your heart rate back down. Here are a few things that I like to do that will help bring your heart rate down, and help prepare your muscles for recovery.

      • 3 – 5 Minutes of light jogging
      • Focus on stretching – as long as five or more stretches are done I feel good but be sure to switch it up on cool down.
        • Stretch the chest afterwards
        • Stretch out your gluts and hamstrings
        • Calf Stretches
        • Groin stretches
        • Shoulders
      • Protein Up! – Within 15 minutes after a workout your body is starting the healing process. This is the perfect time to replenish the bodies needs of proteins which will be vital to recovery.

      Consistency Is Key

      Keeping up with a good routine and staying committed is going to be one of your greatest keys for success. Rome wasn’t built in a day so keep pushing forward. Stick to a routine that works for you and stay consistent. As long as you can dedicate a little time each day you will start to see a difference.


      About Your Home Gym

      Hi everyone and welcome to Your Home Gym. I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for the past 12 years and I’ve created this site to be the go to source for those of you who are looking to get the most out of each workout despite the space you’ve decided to call your gym. Whether you’re hitting the gym every day, or have a personalized work out space at home I want you to be able to achieve the goals you set for yourself.


      I started working out in high school. I was 135 pounds soaking wet and I always felt self conscience about being the skinnier kid. I grew up on a horse farm and was no stranger to physical labor but I had no idea what I was doing when I first walked into my first gym at the county recreational center. It took a year to lock down a solid routine in which I wouldn’t completely burn myself out but I still wasn’t seeing the results I truly desired. Eventually teenage hormones leveled out and I was able to see a little more progress but I still wasn’t where I wanted to be.

      Finally after high school I attended the state fire academy and met a very good friend of mine who took me under his wing and taught me more than I could have ever hoped to learn. From him I learned proper technique and where I had been failing for so many years. Not only that but I learned many more work outs, how to utilize my surroundings in work outs at home, I was introduced to the world of work out supplements, and how extremely important it is to maintain proper diet and good nutrition.

      This not only gave me the results I had desired since I was in high school but inspired me to keep learning and educating myself in order to progress. Not only did these skills aid me in my work out but were crucial in my career when I owned a home moving and home delivery business where we lifted and moved extremely heavy objects into the homes of customers each day. I trained my employees the very same techniques I had learned to keep them safe and prevent injury all while getting the job done fast and efficient. I have taken the information I learned then and expanded upon it ever since I was first introduced. My work out has never been the same since no matter where I chose to work out.


      Most people now days have incredibly hectic schedules. Finding the time to stay in shape and dedicate time to fitness is hard for most. If you can find time to be in the gym and that’s where you prefer to pursue your goals that’s great! I hope you can use anything and everything I put on this website that will aid you no matter what your fitness goals are. But for those who can’t make it there, this website is for you too! I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged or their goals can’t be achieved just because they can’t make it to the gym due to busy schedules. Dedicating any amount time to your health and fitness is better than giving up completely because it feels hopeless.

      I want you to succeed no matter where you work out or how much time you have to dedicate! Believe me I understand the struggle. I’ve got a full time job just like most, two little girls and my wife who want my time, and try to find in between for some down time. It is not always easy making time to maintaining your goals but I promise it is always worth it. So whether you live at the gym or you’ve got maybe 30 minutes to work out on a good day, this site is here as a tool to help you succeed.


      This website’s intended purpose and goal is to provide you with various different exercises, proper technique, work out regiments, the latest information in exercise science, and product reviews on equipment and supplements. All of these tools I will provide will only help serve you better as you continue to make strides in meeting the goals you have set for yourself!

      If you ever need a hand or have any questions please comment and I’ll do my best to be in touch. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals and my mission is to help you along the way by putting out information that I know helped me more than I can describe. Good luck and I hope you get everything you can from this site!

      Stay blessed,


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