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Hi everyone and welcome to Your Home Gym. I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for the past 12 years and I’ve created this site to be the go to source for those of you who are looking to get the most out of each workout despite the space you’ve decided to call your gym. Whether you’re hitting the gym every day, or have a personalized work out space at home I want you to be able to achieve the goals you set for yourself.


I started working out in high school. I was 135 pounds soaking wet and I always felt self conscience about being the skinnier kid. I grew up on a horse farm and was no stranger to physical labor but I had no idea what I was doing when I first walked into my first gym at the county recreational center. It took a year to lock down a solid routine in which I wouldn’t completely burn myself out but I still wasn’t seeing the results I truly desired. Eventually teenage hormones leveled out and I was able to see a little more progress but I still wasn’t where I wanted to be.

Finally after high school I attended the state fire academy and met a very good friend of mine who took me under his wing and taught me more than I could have ever hoped to learn. From him I learned proper technique and where I had been failing for so many years. Not only that but I learned many more work outs, how to utilize my surroundings in work outs at home, I was introduced to the world of work out supplements, and how extremely important it is to maintain proper diet and good nutrition.

This not only gave me the results I had desired since I was in high school but inspired me to keep learning and educating myself in order to progress. Not only did these skills aid me in my work out but were crucial in my career when I owned a home moving and home delivery business where we lifted and moved extremely heavy objects into the homes of customers each day. I trained my employees the very same techniques I had learned to keep them safe and prevent injury all while getting the job done fast and efficient. I have taken the information I learned then and expanded upon it ever since I was first introduced. My work out has never been the same since no matter where I chose to work out.


Most people now days have incredibly hectic schedules. Finding the time to stay in shape and dedicate time to fitness is hard for most. If you can find time to be in the gym and that’s where you prefer to pursue your goals that’s great! I hope you can use anything and everything I put on this website that will aid you no matter what your fitness goals are. But for those who can’t make it there, this website is for you too! I don’t want anyone to feel discouraged or their goals can’t be achieved just because they can’t make it to the gym due to busy schedules. Dedicating any amount time to your health and fitness is better than giving up completely because it feels hopeless.

I want you to succeed no matter where you work out or how much time you have to dedicate! Believe me I understand the struggle. I’ve got a full time job just like most, two little girls and my wife who want my time, and try to find in between for some down time. It is not always easy making time to maintaining your goals but I promise it is always worth it. So whether you live at the gym or you’ve got maybe 30 minutes to work out on a good day, this site is here as a tool to help you succeed.


This website’s intended purpose and goal is to provide you with various different exercises, proper technique, work out regiments, the latest information in exercise science, and product reviews on equipment and supplements. All of these tools I will provide will only help serve you better as you continue to make strides in meeting the goals you have set for yourself!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions please comment and I’ll do my best to be in touch. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals and my mission is to help you along the way by putting out information that I know helped me more than I can describe. Good luck and I hope you get everything you can from this site!

Stay blessed,


Your Home Gym

2 thoughts on “About Your Home Gym”

  1. Thanks for some great ideas! I do have a gym in my basement that I try to use 3-4 times a week. Your workout without equipment ideas are perfect and have given me a few new things to add into my workouts.

    1. Hey Stevie, I’m glad the post gave you some good ideas to try out! 3-4 Times a week is great. If you can dedicate just a little time at all it will go a long way!

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