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Apex Power Tower

The Apex Multi-Function Power Tower TC-1800 is one of many pieces of home equipment that offer some fairly great functions for using one’s own body weight to do particular exercises.

While there are many power towers on the market currently, its important to ask yourself which one is going to be money well spent.

Features and Functions

  • Steel Construction –
    • This product is built with a sturdy steel constructed frame with a powder coated black finish.
  • Ergonomically Designed Pads –
    • The pad is meant to rest your arms while doing knee raises to work the lower abdominal muscles. Apex has used an ergonomic design with a slant to get a wide range of motion while maintaining comfort.
  • Pull Up and Chin Up Station –
    • Built with durable handles while doing Pull Up’s or Chin Up’s which will focus on your back and biceps.
  • Triangle (Corner) Design –
    • Allows User to place in a corner area of a room to be space friendly.
  • Knee Raise Station –
    • A slightly slanted bar design on the Knee raise will allow the user to get a full range of motion when working the abdominal region.
  • Dip Station –
    • This station will allow the user to work on lower chest and triceps.
  • Fold-Up Arms –
    • The Dip and Knee Raise Station does have arms that will fold up after use or for doing pull-ups or chin-ups.

Weight Capacity and Dimensions

The Apex Power Tower TC-1800 has a listed weight capacity of 300 lbs. and is more than sturdy enough for most users and with an all steel constructed frame you won’t have to worry too much about the structural capacity of this equipment.

The dimensions listed are 37.5″ width, 43.5″ depth, and 82.5″ Height. The triangle design allows the product to be fit into the corner of a room which is great on saving space in a room and not getting the feeling of overcrowding the floor space.

Having a product that is space friendly while being sturdy and well constructed is an absolute plus.

The Downside

While it does have most functions other power towers offer, it does not have a push-up station like most. It’s not the most necessary feature to offer, considering push-ups can be done most anywhere, but that’s not the only thing the product lacks.

The pull-up and chin-up bar is absolutely useful but only offers one range of motion for each exercise. Other power towers offer wider bars in order to give variety to the exercise but this pull-up/ chin-up bar does not.

The other downside is that none of the handles have a padded grip to them. This product has just straight metal handles which will eventually give you a pretty sweet little callous.

Apex Power Tower Price

The regular listed price is right at $139.99 for almost any retailer that sells this particular product. In comparison to other power towers the price range is anywhere from $99.99 to upwards of $349.99. Of course that does depend greatly on which product you plan on getting and the features associated with it.

Overall the Apex Power Tower TC-1800 is accurately priced for the features and benefits of this product.

Conclusion and Rating

3.25 / 5

This product is sturdy and well constructed, it saves space in a room, and gives you a variety of workout exercises you can do at home. Its price is fairly moderate and you won’t break the bank investing in this for your home gym.

However, the lack of handle grips and low range of motion for the chin-ups/ pull-ups isn’t desirable for some. Overall I would recommend the product if you were looking to invest a little into your home gym without over drafting your account.

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