Bicep Workouts At Home – Great Routine!


So you’re looking to finally get those tickets to the gun show right at home? Well lucky for you it’s not as hard as you think. All it takes get a great workout on your biceps at home is mostly dedication. Once you dedicate yourself to these workouts, they will be guaranteed to show you the results you’ve been looking for.

Starting With A Warm Up

Warming up your muscles is always a very important first step in a workout that most people tend to overlook. Once you get the blood pumping it will go a long way in preventing injury to the targeted muscle.

Always keep it simple for the warm up. You still want to save a good portion of your energy for the isolated muscle workout.

  • Pre-Workout supplements –
    • Once you don’t have a pre-workout supplement I usually recommend finding one that works for you. It’s not vital to getting a great workout but the right supplement will take you to the next level, especially when it comes to fast recovery.
  • Light Jogging –
    • Keep it under five minutes but do at least three minutes.
  • Light stretching –

once you’ve gotten some blood flowing you might want to do a quick couple of stretches. It’s not overly important to stretch the targeted muscle before the workout but I highly recommend stretching the target area afterwards.

Bicep Dumbbell Workouts

Dumbbells are going to be very helpful to you in obtaining those perfectly sculpted biceps. Every motion the body makes is either one of two motions, push or pull. Your Biceps operate by pulling objects to the body or pulling the body closer to an object.

Since that is how this muscle operates, you will need resistance in the form of something you can pull your body towards. Dumbbells are perfect for these types of routines, and there are a wide variety of motions that will target the bicep.

  • 15 Dumbbell Curls (each arm) –Dumbbell-Curls
    • Start out in a seated position.
    • Arms extended to the sides of the body, palms facing inwards gripping the dumbbell.
    • pull up the dumbbell to where the end motion is your palm facing your head.
    • Control the motion as you return to start position.
  • 15 Concentration Curls (each arm) –
    • Start in a seated position
    • Spread legs and lean forward with one arm gripping the dumbbellConcentration-Curls
    • Place your elbow, with weight in hand, on the inside of your thigh.
    • Look straight down as your palms face the opposite thigh
    • Concentrate the Bicep as you contract the muscle pulling it toward your face.
    • Control the motion as you return to the start position.
  • 15 Hammer Curls (each arm) –
    • Stand with dumbbells in hands, palms facing in ward.
    • Pull the dumbbell up towards the shoulder.
    • Keep the palms facing the inside of the body throughout the entire motion.
    • Control the motion as you return to the start position.

Once you want to focus only on doing dumbbell sets only, you can’t go wrong with these three workouts. Once you are only going Hammer-Curlsto do these workouts only I recommend doing 4 sets of each workout at a weight that you are comfortable with.

Once you aren’t able to stay at a steady pace with one weight. Once you are able to drop the weight, do so after each set of 15 reps. Take a 90-second rest between sets.

Make sure you focus on your breathing as well. Inhale before the contraction and exhale slowly as you contract.

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Getting Creative

Lets say you don’t own a set of dumbbells, well that’s OK. There are several ways we can achieve the same motions by things you have readily available.

  • Substituting a milk jug for Hammer Curls –
    • Using the same motions as listed for the hammer curls, take a milk jug and mimic the same motions with the same amount of reps.
  • Substituting a purse or bag for Concentration Curls –
    • Depending on how low the bag hangs, you may want to elevate yourself to achieve the same results. With a bag you can increase the weight with various items you have at your disposal.
  • Investing in resistance bands to substitute Dumbbell Curls –
    • Bands can be found at many places such as sporting goods stores, Walmart, target, and right here online. They’re fairly cost effective if you aren’t financially able to invest in a good set of dumbbells.
    • Stand on your bands and repeat the motions listed for the Dumbbell Curls. Increasing your resistance is as simple as stretching out the band and standing on it to where the resistance is greater.

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Cool Down and Stretching

After you’ve got a good burn going, take some time to get the heart rate back down. Really focus on your breathing while you do these activities.

  • Light walk or Jog –
    • You want to take about three to five minutes just doing a light jog or even a light walk. Focus on the breathing.
  • Stretching –
    • Take your time and get a really good stretch on your body. Don’t just focus on the targeted muscle group. Focus on stretching each muscle in the body from top to bottom. You don’t have to make it an hour long yoga session but keeping the muscles stretched out, especially the ones you didn’t work out will give the muscle some elasticity and prevent damage.
  • Protein Supplement –
    • 15 – 45 minutes after the workout is prime time for replenishing the body of building blocks it’s going to need for repair. Find a good protein supplement and drink up.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Getting in shape isn’t an overnight achievement and it’s going to take dedication and concentration. Anything worthwhile isn’t going to be easy and the same goes for getting in shape. Be mindful of your diet and keep on a routine. You’ll see the results quicker than you think

Push past the pain and the frustration and don’t quit. Once you can just dedicate a little time each day, even at home, I promise you’ll love the way you look before you know it!


10 thoughts on “Bicep Workouts At Home – Great Routine!”

  1. Informative post, I like the way you have enunciated the bicep workout (love those images). I do not have a gym membership and workout at home. I am big fan of resistance bands. These bands are amazing. They are from 10-50# in increments of 10#, so you can add more than one band at a time to get the resistance you need. By stacking additional bands, you can get to pretty much any weight a beginner to experienced person would needs. The best part is it comes with 2 handles and 2 ankle straps, so it can be used for both upper body as well as lower body exercises. It also includes a door anchor. With these bands, you can do all the exercises that you would be able to do on the cable machine at the gym. You can easily work full body with these bands.

    1. Absolutely! Some people don’t realize just how good of a workout resistance bands can give you. I’m glad to hear you keep up with your fitness goals in such a productive manner. Even if you go to the gym and see some resistance bands, I would recommend doing at least two sets of burnouts on your biceps. The resistance doesn’t have to be very high to get an excellent workout with this product. I used to include bands in my workouts at least 3 times a week in various routines even when I went to the gym religiously. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you and your fitness goals!

  2. I enjoyed this article. It is definitely motivating me to go to my apartment gym and get a much-needed workout (I **need** to start working out and training again!!) I love the pictures in the article, and how there’s even an affiliate link.

    One small issue though, and that is with the light stretching section: the paragraph should be indented to follow the format you established for that section. Everything else is good!

    1. I appreciate the feedback Mike! I’ll do some editing to be a little more thorough in that section. I’m glad to hear that the article was motivating and I wish you the best in whatever goals you set for yourself!

  3. Hi. Great Article, thanks.
    I don’t stretch at all, either before or after. I usually just start with light sets and then move in to the heavier weights.
    As I’m active all day, I feel like I can get away with it.
    Thanks for the reminder to stretch, though. As I get older, I know it becomes more important.

    1. Absolutely! I always recommend stretching as it has so many benefits, especially in preventing injury. I’m glad to hear your active. To keep moving and staying active is what I believe gives us a longer quality of life. If you don’t use it you lose it! I’m glad you liked the article!

  4. I like your section on “Getting Creative” and using the milk jugs for hammer curls.
    I use milk jugs a little differently as I work at an office behind a desk.
    When your sitting behind a desk and on your computer all day your body tends to get stiff. Using milk jugs, I would stand up and do 10-15 just to get a break from sitting down. Did this a few times a day and it helped me feel better.

    1. I don’t blame you one bit! I’ve worked manual labor for a good portion of my life and recently went to a job where I do a lot of sitting in an office. Getting creative and finding ways to keep moving even if you are at work can get the blood pumping and, just in my own experience, will keep you motivated throughout the day!

  5. Hi Justin, appreciate the time for making this post! I am gonna try the curls with my barbell. I am also thinking of integrating whole body exercises like Squats, deadlift and shoulder press too. What do you think?? Cheers~

    1. Having a barbell is great for working out anywhere. The range of motion you can get with one is excellent. Integrating whole body workouts are great, my only suggestions on those would be to work those in on a day where the primary muscle in the exercise is the one you are trying to isolate. Such as should press, integrate that on a shoulder day. Integrate squats on a leg day, and deadlift is a grey area. Deadlifts I usually worked those in on a day where I was targeting lower body like legs or abdominals. That was how I did it but I know others who have done it differently and gotten equally amazing results. The important thing is to make sure each muscle group has adequate time to recover. Good luck with your routine!

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