Marcy MWM 988 Review – Home Gym Equipment


The Marcy Home Gym MWM-988 150 stack is a home gym that has many features listed. Just from the look of the product you can see just how many functions this product has. Still, we want to take a deeper look at just how much this product has to offer and is it really worth the price.

Features and Functions

Marcy MWM 988

    • Dimensions –
      • The dimensions listed above are 36″ wide, the height is 79″, and length or depth is 68″. This piece of equipment may take up a little space in your home but if you have adequate space in a dedicated room it would take up about as much floor space as a smaller loveseat.
    • Steel Constructed –
      • Its an incredible durable piece of machinery, it has a listed weight limit of 300 lbs. Whereas it is not the same grade of equipment you would find in the gym, for the average user this is very sturdy and will support most users.
    • Attachments –
      • Removable Preacher Curl Pad
      • Lat Bar
      • Ankle Strap
    • Workout Stations –
      • Chest press
      • Pec Fly press
      • High Pulley
      • Low Pulley
      • Curl Pad
      • Leg Developer

    The Workouts

    The Marcy MWM 988 gives the user a very wide variety of workouts’ that can be done on the machine. These workouts’ can involve almost every muscle in the body. You’ll have the ability to do 36+ workouts’ with this machine and some major ones are listed below.

    • Seated Bicep CurlsMarcy MWM 988
    • Preacher Curls
    • Standing Bicep Curls
    • Concentration Curls
    • Lat Pull Downs
    • Pec Flys
    • Tricep Extensions
    • Cable Crossovers
    • Leg Abductions and Adduction
    • Leg Extensions
    • Standing Leg Curls
    • And Many More

    The options with the Marcy MWM 988 are incredibly wide in variety and can certainly help those looking to get into shape at home.

    Weight Stack and Resistance

    The Marcy MWM 988 comes with 14 plates that weighs 10 lbs (4.5kg) each with a top stopper plate of 10 lbs (4.5kg). The maximum weight stack is 150 lbs (68kg) and the maximum output is 200 lbs of resistance on the press workouts’. Each workouts’ resistance output will vary depending on the pulley system but is maxed out at 200 lbs.

    This may not be enough weight for veteran body builders who are looking to max out at home but for those who are trying to either get started or to stay in shape this piece of equipment gives an adequate amount of resistance.

    Conclusion and Rating

    4/5 Rating

    With no adjustable seating and a max weight resistance of 200 lbs on only certain workouts’, this product may not be tailored for every user. However, for most this piece of equipment is incredibly sturdy and offers a wide variety of great workouts’ that will help those looking to get in better shape and achieve that perfect body.


      6 thoughts on “Marcy MWM 988 Review – Home Gym Equipment”

      1. This has a lot of functionality with all those exercises that can be done. It look small enough that it could easily fit in my garage and I can still get my car in there. But does it come pre-assembled?

        1. No there will be some assembly required. But an excellent question in which I’ll address in an edit to the post! Yes it doesn’t take up to much space at all and could work in many different rooms.

      2. This looks amazing, especially for someone interested in building and maintaining strength and muscle.
        Great product review.

      3. Great review. I am just checking the market about the home gym machine. I promised myself to do more weight training in the new year, but with two little kids, going to the gym is often a hard mission.

        Keep up with excellent work.


        1. Thank you, I hope you found the review helpful and informative. Of course I understand having two little ones will slow down the pace. Hopefully you can find some time to keep up the goals!

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