Up Your Mass Review – Is A Weight Gainer Useful?

MHP (Maximum Human Performance) has had this product out on the shelves of your major vitamin supplement shops for quite some time now. I remember seeing this product myself for the first time when I was just getting into the fitness game. I had the same question you did. Does It work?

The claim made right on the front of the container says gain 18lbs of mass in 5 weeks! Now that’s a pretty big check to cash. Gaining 18lbs of desired mass is no easy task.

Nevertheless, I wanted to try this product out for myself to see if MHP could deliver its promise.

The Ingredients

Properly evaluating what’s listed inside the product and what those ingredients will do is going to be a clear indicator on whether you should keep your money in your pocket so Let’s go down the list and see what all this product has to offer. And for the sake of keeping this to the point I will be listing the full quantities as if you were going to be using 24 fl. oz. of milk as the desired result is to bulk on mass and you will want to maximize your caloric intake.

  • Total fat 39 g / Saturated fat 21 g –
    • Saturated fats are the kinds of fats that will raise your LDL raising bad cholesterol. On a 2000 calorie diet the American Heart Association recommends limiting calories gained from saturated fats at no more than 13 g. When you are lifting and doing strenuous workouts it may not be the best way to obtain calories from foods heavy in saturated fats as they produce what is commonly referred to as bad cholesterol which restricts blood flow, and if you are trying to rebuild muscle quicker may not be the best thing. I would recommend adjusting your diet when taking this.
  • Cholesterol 227 mg –
    • Cholesterol when put in the body through dietary intake will have a very little effect on the actual blood cholesterol level. The recommended daily value is usually no more than 300 mg of dietary cholesterol.
  • Total Carbohydrates 285 g / Dietary Fiber <1 g / Total Sugars 50 g –
    • Carbohydrates are nothing more than stored energy. Once your body has broken it down into glucose it will enter the blood stream and be distributed to all the cells in the body. When you are finished training you will need a higher amount of glucose readily available to heal your damaged muscle cells to rebuild them stronger.
      • However, if there is too much glucose in the blood stream it is dangerous to your body and the pancreas will flood the blood stream with insulin. Insulin’s primary function is turn glucose back into a storable form of energy and place it on the body for later consumption. You may be familiar with the end result as “fat” or adipose tissue.
  • Protein 75 grams –
    • protein is the building block to all the tissue in your body. The ones that are advertised to be included here are Whey, Hydrolyzed whey, Micellar Casein, and Milk Proteins. Whey is a fast absorbed protein that will be quickly digested and be readily available to aid in quick recovery. Casein and milk proteins are slower acting. They take a while for the body to break down and process and will aid the body for later use.
  • Vitamin D .6 mcg –
    • Where up your mass actually contains no vitamin D you would likely be getting this from the milk that you mix it with. You’re probably not deficient in this area and the amount you’d receive in this serving would only be 3% of the daily recommended value. Nevertheless, Vitamin D plays a very Key role in regulating Calcium and maintaining the levels of phosphorous in your blood.
  • Calcium 1086 mg –
    • Everyone focus’s on the key role calcium plays in maintain strong and healthy bone density but there are several roles that calcium is used for in the body. Calcium is what actually gives muscle is motion. When you are finished exhausting yourself in a workout your body will need calcium to keep the muscle functioning. Calcium also is vital for neurological function.
  • Iron 1.4 mg –
    • Iron is what synthesizes Heme, which forms hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells and its main function is to transport oxygen throughout the body.
  • Phosphorus 830 mg –
    • Phosphorus plays a key role in how the body will use carbohydrates. It is essential for protein synthesis and repairing damaged cells and tissue.
  • Sodium 650 mg –
    • Sodium is an electrolyte responsible for the maintenance of water in the cells. It has a role to play in proper muscle function as well as nerve function.
  • Potassium 1616 mg –
    • Potassium plays a key role in a muscle contraction, it is responsible as well for fluid regulation in the body. It is one of the most important chemicals found in the body for sending nerve signals.
  • Digestive Blend 100 mg –
    • Bromelain and papain are the one’s listed. Papains is enzyme derived from papaya and plays a role in breaking down proteins for use in the body, and bromelain has anti inflammatory properties that may be useful after thrashing your body in a workout.
  • Total Branch Chain Amino Acids 11 g / Essential Amino Acids 23 g –
    • Where there are several listed I will keep it short and stick to the facts of what role BCAA’s do. They are used for muscle growth (especially in this context) If you plan to get the most out of your recovery having a good blend of BCAA’s will cut your recovery time down. These along with EAA’s will be building blocks for proteins to form. It will play a role in hormone function and neurotransmitters within the body.

Flavors And Serving Sizes

This is label listing of the various different serving sizes. In the above section I listed the maximum intake you could get out of the product if taken with 24 fl. oz. of milk but they have various different recommendations based on your desired calorie intake.

However you choose to take this product will greatly depend on your personal fitness goals.

The size container you can buy is either a 6lb and a 12lb and the flavors listed are milk chocolate, french vanilla creme, cookies & creme. I usually don’t focus too much on flavor but I will say that my favorite out of all would definitely be the cookies and creme. Honestly I would drink this shake over a sonic blast any day of the week.

Conclusion and Ranking

Ranking – 3.75 / 5

The product is good for putting on mass but depending your goals it may not be the kind of mass you’re trying to put on. The levels of sugar in the product will be sure to gain you mass but the claim of putting on 18 lbs. of mass is nearly physically impossible to have that all be muscle in just 5 weeks.

Muscle takes time to repair and is a fairly dense tissue compared to fat. However, the product contains a lot of excellent ingredients for speedy muscle recovery. Its packed full of BCAA’s and EAA’s as well as a good blend of fast and slow acting proteins.

If you have had a problem with putting on mass in the past, then this product will get the job done and you’ll be sure to enjoy the taste. Nothing makes a workout less enjoyable than having to force down a nasty protein drink.

If you’re ready to pack on some mass and get great recovery on your muscles than grab a shaker bottle and drink up!

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